Hwaeom Residency

I’m lost for words to describe the richness of Hwaeom residency… was it a dream? A meeting of beautiful musicians from all over the world at a precious jewel of a temple nestled deep in the Jirisan Mountains. Such an honour to collaborate with so many individual voices, from western classical, jazz, Korean traditional, to ambient electronic… from so many different cultures, all blending to make a new piece together for the 화엄음악제-HwaEom Spiritual Music Ritual

IMG_5465IMG_5683 copy.JPGIMG_5330.JPG


Meditating, sharing our music, our cultures, eating together, jamming, exploring the forest, discovering little hidden temples, taking tea with the monks, moving together guided by the fabulous Yanghee Lee, creating new music together inspired by our movement, by our experience. An honour also to have been invited to collaborate with Yoona Kim (Ajaeng) for Yanghee Lee’s dance performance in the opening concert. 

For the full blog: https://thesampler.org/guest-editor/blog-eloise-gynn/

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